AM.015 Benchtop Cable Stripper

AM.015 Benchtop Cable Stripper – P/N 028.0000.00

The model AM015 is a sensor activated pneumatic machine that will strip a variety of wires. An AWG dial is located on top of the unit and the operator simply turns the dial to the gauge of wire being stripped to set the blade closure distance. Strip length is set in inches on a dial on the right side of the machine. Set up from one wire size to the next is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. The AM015 can handle 10 AWG to 32 AWG round wire and flat cable up to 8mm in width. V blades are standard. Radius, die or flat blades are available and change out can be done very quickly, with no tools necessary.

Teflon coated wire is no problem for the AM015. Blade action is parallel vs. scissor action, providing an extremely clean strip. Another excellent application to consider is the inner conductors of a multi-conductor cable. The distance between safety cover and blades is very short (approx. 9mm), therefore the breakout distance on the multi-conductor jacket may be a shorter distance than that required for most competitive machines. A guide used to center the wire is standard. Gripper pressure is set internally via the wire gauge selected. The AM015 also has partial pull capabilities.

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