Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Shrink Direct’s Heat Shrink

1. Does Heat Shrink Direct have heat shrink in stock?

Answer: Yes, Heat Shrink Direct has a large warehouse for stocking heat shrink tubing in Eastport, Michigan.

2. What is Heat Shrink Direct lead time?

Answer: Lead time for standard product is 24 hours to ship from the time an order is placed. For cut to length tubing, 2-3 days to cut in house if cut pieces are not stocked.

3. What are minimum order requirements?

Answer: Minimum overall order amount is $50 or there may be a $10 handling fee added. The minimum per item depends on how the item is stocked. One reel for reel formatted products and 4 feet for products that come in the 4 foot stick format.

4. Can I get custom length heat shrink cut to specific lengths?

Answer: Yes, we stock some of the most common lengths already pre-bagged. For example, 1.5” long pieces that are oftentimes used over ultrasonic splices, splice clips and terminal wire ends. We can also cut specific lengths in house for your custom requirements.

5. Can I get custom printed heat shrink from Heat Shrink Direct?

Answer: Yes, we can do custom printed products.

6. What certifications does Heat Shrink Direct tubing meet?

Answer: All Heat Shrink Direct tubing is manufactured in ISO/TS certified factories. The products meet UL, CSA, ROHS, REACH and no conflict mineral requirements.

7. Are samples available to test before purchasing from Heat Shrink Direct?

Answer: Yes, samples are available upon request.

8. Can Heat Shrink Direct help fit the proper tubing to my specific application?

Answer: Yes, you may contact our Product Manager to get assistance in finding the best tubing for your specific application.

9. Do you have crosses to other companies heat shrink tubing?

Answer: Yes, we can cross most heat shrink tubing with just a manufacturer name and part number. Our specialty is UL rated heat shrink and we have spec sheets to provide for you. Some examples of competitive styles that we compete against are Raychem (TAT, Versafit, RNF, ES2000, ATUM, DWP and DWP-125), 3M (FP-301, EPS-300, EPS-400 and SMS), CANUSA (CPX100 and CPA300), Sumitomo (SM12, B2, W3B2), Alpha (FIT-221 and FIT-321), Dunbar (1635F, 3635W, 4635W) just to name a few.

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