Heat Shrink Processing Machines – Halogen Light Source

The Focus-Lite (TM) is the quick, efficient way to shrink all types of heat shrink tubing. For use on all types of wire harnesses, crimps and splices.

  • Heat shrink processing machine shrinks tubing in a fraction of the time required by a heat gun
  • The machine’s halogen lamp reaches the optimum operating temperature within a millisecond to quickly and uniformly shrink tubing
  • Compact enough to fit on a bench-top workstation, to easily and efficiently process multiple heat shrink orders
  • Takes approximately 3 seconds to shrink polyolefin heat shrink ranging from 5/8″ or 1.5″ in diameter (dependent on model) to the desired size

Download Focus-Lite Spec Sheet (pdf)

Demo Video of the Judco Handheld Focus-Lite FLG3:

The Focus-Lite FLG2: