Heat Shrink Printer and Cutter – A4+M

The CAB Technologies A4+M printer/cutter is your solution for printing, cutting and perforating heat shrink tubing. With the centered material guide there is no adjustment of the print head needed for different widths of materials. This feature allows for easy change-out on short runs, and less downtime.

This video shows the Cab A4+M Heat Shrink printer, PCU4/2.5 Perforation Cutter (P/N 5960050.351), and TBC Feeder in action. Tim will also perform an alcohol rub test to show the staying power of the high quality ribbon impressions. NO SMUDGES!

The A4+M printer is for shrinkable tubing width: 3.5 – 110mm (0.138″ – 4.33″) and thickness of 0.055 – 1.2mm (0.002 – 0.047″).  A print resolution of 300 (600 dpi available)